Print Special: Ranking Poster 2023

Ranking Poster 2023

Take advantage of the full activation potential of our media brands ahgz, foodservice and gvpraxis and benefit from the attractive package offer around our attention-grabbing rankings.

Your advantages:

  • Full insert with a total of 33,325 copies in ahgz, foodservice and gvpraxis as well as distribution at trade shows and industry events
  • 12 months current → intensive, repeated advertising effect
  • Advertising in a unique editorial context
  • Practical poster format for long-lasting advertising effect in offices or home offices
  • 25% discount on the poster ad when booking a 1/1 or 1/2 print ad in the specialist topic of the ranking issues ahgz, foodservice or gvpraxis


foodservice Top 100 Ranking-Poster of the catering industry
Supplement in foodservice 04/2023, gvpraxis 05/2023, ahgz 10/2023

ET: 21.04.2023
AS: 31.03.2023

gvpraxis Top Ranking-Poster of the community catering industry
Supplement in gvpraxis 06/2023, foodservice 06/2023, ahgz 13/2023

ET: 09.06.2023
AS: 19.05.2023

ahgz Top Ranking-Poster of the Hotel Industry
Supplement in ahgz 17/2023, foodservice 07-08/2023, gvpraxis 09/2023

ET: 05.08.2023
AS: 15.07.2023

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