Magazine special: Workwear & Safety

Workwear & Safety has a high status far beyond the boundaries of the catering and hotel industry. This magazine special is therefore aimed not only at readers of ahgz, foodservice and gvpraxis, but also at readers of ABZ - Allgemeine Bäcker Zeitung and afz - Allgemeine Fleischer-Zeitung.
Workwear & Safety deals in detail with topics relating to the optimization of occupational safety, the prevention of health hazards, hygiene and a professional appearance towards guests.

The following topics play a key role in the magazine special:

  • Workwear
  • Protective equipment
  • Safe and healthy working environment
  • Correct handling of hazardous substances
  • Safe use of work equipment
  • Avoidance of noise sources
  • First aid in the event of accidents at work

You can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Placement of your advertisement in the appropriate subject area
  • The attention of decision-makers from the catering, hotel, bakery and butchery trades
  • Possibility of digital extension in the digital topic special Workwear & Safety

1 medium, 5 target groups
Supplements in ahgz, foodservice, gvpraxis, ABZ and afz
Actual circulation: 48,121 copies

Magazin Workwear & Safety

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